My stay at Mega Buck has to have been the best

I have duck hunted all up and down the Mississippi flyway and have stayed in 30 or 40 duck camp and have had guides from Canada all the way to the gulf but my stay at Mega Buck has to have been the best. i took 8 of my best friend on this hunt and we tried to melt the barrels off our guns! several of the guys took there wives who had a blast to. when we got there Johnny came up to greet us, all i remember was those WHITE boots! and him saying ARE YALL FIRED UP?? boy did he have a camp! there was all kind of room inside and outside. he showed us around and everyone just fell in love with all his stories. then he and i went to his office and i payed the bill. he tried to apologise for the way some things look and i told him right there, Johnny i have stayed in the best and the worst and this place is in my top 5 ! the next morning is when it started, man did the birds hit the water or what! we had our limit by 9 or so and we all went back to camp. next door to Johnny’s is a guy the call (the duck plucker) and he is. we handed all our ducks over to him for a worry free afternoon. all the lady’s fixed a great meal and sat around listening to the tails from Johnny. i can say this, i will from now on make Mega Buck my yearly stop for duck hunting! Johnny you are the best! GET FIRED UP !!!