I have hunted ducks for over 25 years, but had never gone goose hunting.

I have hunted ducks for over 25 years, but had never gone goose hunting. Sure, I have killed a stray goose or two that came too close to where I was duck hunting, but had no idea how to set up or call specifically for geese. I had even hunted with a guide “down the road” from Megabucks place on a duck hunt and killed a few specs and a real pretty eagle’s head (blue). THIS was a whole new experience. Our krewe went for the early season spec hunt. What a GREAT way to kick off the waterfowl season. Teal are nice, but THIS was really great…. and more meat in one man’s 2 geese limit than a 4 man limit of 4 teal each! The calling was SO critical to our success. It’s nice to have a great location like Johnny has, but his knowledge of when to call and “what to say” was very impressive. I just wish that we could have killed more than two apiece/day! It was a real treat getting to bring my dog as well. His blinds are HUGE with nice dog boxes on either end. It was warm enough that we did not need the heaters that he has throughout the blind. We had a good time at the lodge. It was great watching some of his collection of duck hunting DVD’s on the huge TV. It was a nice way to get us really pumped up for the morning hunt. I was a little worried that we would be disappointed with the hunt after watching the super hunts on the videos, but fortunately, that did NOT happen. I only wish we could have had someone filming our hunt so I could have watched it again and again. We had some great “in your face” action. I can’t wait for this Fall to get here so we can get our group together and do it again. It’s my krewe’s new tradition for starting off the year right! Megabucks and Johnny helped make a lot of great memories for our group! Johnny is quite entertaining between flights of birds. I think he could make a good living writing when he decides to hang up his calls.