Johnny provides a quality duck and goose hunting opportunity, and is an entertaining guide

Johnny provides a quality duck and goose hunting opportunity, and is an entertaining guide. Johnny works hard to put you on the birds. I’ve hunted with Johnny the last 2 Thanksgivings, and have had great hunts each time. Last year, Johnny worked to get my 2 teenage nephews birds on their first duck hunt. One has a beautiful widgeon and the other an awesome GWT headed for the wall. Johnny’s fee is comparable to other guides in the area, but his also includes lodging and the afternoon goose hunt. If you get there early enough the day before your scheduled duck hunt, you actually get 3 hunts for the price of 1 – the first afternoon goose hunt, the morning duck hunt, and the 2nd afternoon goose hunt. All but one speck was flying high for my nephews and myself, but they enjoyed the experience and have already been asking me about the 2010 hunt. This has become an annual hunt for the guys at Thanksgiving. The “lodge” is Johnny’s house, but we found the bunk room to be adequate and clean. The game room had the smell of cigars, but that’s the only place in the lodge that you’re allowed to smoke, so we expected that and were fine with it. I’ve always looked at the lodge from a hunter’s perspective and not from that of a housewife, and have found no issues with it. The kitchen was clean, and we had plenty of room to stash our groceries in the refrigerator. I didn’t know that Johnny had a “best blind”. I guess I’m going to have to make sure that I’m in that one. I’ve been there on 2 occasions, and birds were killed from both blinds the day before and the day of my hunts. We had 5 in the blind, and there was plenty of room for more. And if 6 people are killing 20+ birds, I call that a successful hunt. On each hunt, both blinds had guides and dogs – and BIRDS! I trusted Johnny with my nephews’ first duck hunting experiences, and both are excited to return to the lodge and the blind.