I have hunted ducks for over 25 years, but had never gone goose hunting. Sure, I have killed a stray goose or two that came too close to where I was duck hunting, but had no idea how to set up or call specifically for geese. I had even hunted with a guide “down the road” from Megabucks place on a duck hunt and killed a few specs and a real pretty eagle’s head (blue). THIS was a whole new experience. Our krewe went for the early season spec hunt. What a GREAT way to kick off the waterfowl season. Teal are nice, but THIS was really great…. and more meat in one man’s 2 geese limit than a 4 man limit of 4 teal each! The calling was SO critical to our success. It’s nice to have a great location like Johnny has, but his knowledge of when to call and “what to say” was very impressive. I just wish that we could have killed more than two apiece/day! It was a real treat getting to bring my dog as well. His blinds are HUGE with nice dog boxes on either end. It was warm enough that we did not need the heaters that he has throughout the blind. We had a good time at the lodge. It was great watching some of his collection of duck hunting DVD’s on the huge TV. It was a nice way to get us really pumped up for the morning hunt. I was a little worried that we would be disappointed with the hunt after watching the super hunts on the videos, but fortunately, that did NOT happen. I only wish we could have had someone filming our hunt so I could have watched it again and again. We had some great “in your face” action. I can’t wait for this Fall to get here so we can get our group together and do it again. It’s my krewe’s new tradition for starting off the year right! Megabucks and Johnny helped make a lot of great memories for our group! Johnny is quite entertaining between flights of birds. I think he could make a good living writing when he decides to hang up his calls.

Paul V., May 20, 2010

I have duck hunted all up and down the Mississippi flyway and have stayed in 30 or 40 duck camp and have had guides from Canada all the way to the gulf but my stay at Mega Buck has to have been the best. i took 8 of my best friend on this hunt and we tried to melt the barrels off our guns! several of the guys took there wives who had a blast to. when we got there Johnny came up to greet us, all i remember was those WHITE boots! and him saying ARE YALL FIRED UP?? boy did he have a camp! there was all kind of room inside and outside. he showed us around and everyone just fell in love with all his stories. then he and i went to his office and i payed the bill. he tried to apologise for the way some things look and i told him right there, Johnny i have stayed in the best and the worst and this place is in my top 5 ! the next morning is when it started, man did the birds hit the water or what! we had our limit by 9 or so and we all went back to camp. next door to Johnny’s is a guy the call (the duck plucker) and he is. we handed all our ducks over to him for a worry free afternoon. all the lady’s fixed a great meal and sat around listening to the tails from Johnny. i can say this, i will from now on make Mega Buck my yearly stop for duck hunting! Johnny you are the best! GET FIRED UP !!!

Diamond Jims, May 21, 2010

Johnny Wink runs a 1st rate guide service at Mega Bucks, the lodging is great the blinds are 1st class and for a duck camp the enviorment is friendly. The best part about Mega Bucks is that if you go on his web site and read how he does things it says it all there is no second guessing what to expect when you get there it is all up front and above board. Not many places that offer duck guide services will allow you to take your on dog but with Johnny he will gladly leave his dog in the kennel and let your dog to the job. I hunted all winter with Johnny and found him to be strait up and very professional and one of the most knowledgeable duck hunters i have ever been around, my hats off to his guide service and to him. Billy Townsend, West Monroe La. P.S. Just remember that when you deal with the variety of people that Johnny does you can’t please everyone everytime!

Btown, May 21, 2010

I have been coming to megabucks from southeast Texas for about ten years now. I bring a group of guys every year at least once. I would come more often if I had the time. Being at the camp makes me feel right at home. Johnny is a great duck guide as well as a host. The blinds are very comfortable and roomy, and there is also plenty of birds. This little piece of the flyway is unbelievable. There is never a dull moment when hunting with Johnny Wink. I have been to other places and paid more money for much less service and action. When I go to Johnnys I do not have to even touch a decoy unless I just want to. Hell I do not even have to get out of the comfortable warm blind. Johnny wink caters to his customers and takes a lot of pride in his operation. This is no hobby for him. There is some world class deer hunting here also, and Johnny makes it very affordable and comfortable. I would recommend megabucks to anyone. Myself and the friends and family I bring have a blast and we are getting fired up for this season already, Thanks for all your hard work Johnny.

Chris Myers, Port Neches TX

Johnny provides a quality duck and goose hunting opportunity, and is an entertaining guide. Johnny works hard to put you on the birds. I’ve hunted with Johnny the last 2 Thanksgivings, and have had great hunts each time. Last year, Johnny worked to get my 2 teenage nephews birds on their first duck hunt. One has a beautiful widgeon and the other an awesome GWT headed for the wall. Johnny’s fee is comparable to other guides in the area, but his also includes lodging and the afternoon goose hunt. If you get there early enough the day before your scheduled duck hunt, you actually get 3 hunts for the price of 1 – the first afternoon goose hunt, the morning duck hunt, and the 2nd afternoon goose hunt. All but one speck was flying high for my nephews and myself, but they enjoyed the experience and have already been asking me about the 2010 hunt. This has become an annual hunt for the guys at Thanksgiving. The “lodge” is Johnny’s house, but we found the bunk room to be adequate and clean. The game room had the smell of cigars, but that’s the only place in the lodge that you’re allowed to smoke, so we expected that and were fine with it. I’ve always looked at the lodge from a hunter’s perspective and not from that of a housewife, and have found no issues with it. The kitchen was clean, and we had plenty of room to stash our groceries in the refrigerator. I didn’t know that Johnny had a “best blind”. I guess I’m going to have to make sure that I’m in that one. I’ve been there on 2 occasions, and birds were killed from both blinds the day before and the day of my hunts. We had 5 in the blind, and there was plenty of room for more. And if 6 people are killing 20+ birds, I call that a successful hunt. On each hunt, both blinds had guides and dogs – and BIRDS! I trusted Johnny with my nephews’ first duck hunting experiences, and both are excited to return to the lodge and the blind.

Texas, May 24, 2010

I have hunted with Johnny numerous times over the past 30+ years at Megabucks and have always had a great time. Whether it was me and the guys or me and my sons, a good time and great comaradarie were had by all. Success often depends on weather patterns, but being in the middle of the flyway and having a knowledgeable and hard working guide like Johnny help to move the odds in your favor. The blinds are large and comfortable and the setup is first class. Geese are an added bonus and most days you will kill some geese along with your bag of ducks. Accomodations are comfortable with the hunters able to choose any of several different options after the hunt. The big screen tv, hot tub and rec room with the pool table are available for your use along with a big dose of Southern Hospitality. Will be back again this year just as sure as the North wind blows cool in December.

Fred Freeland, May 24, 2010