Meet Marc Keedy


Marc Keedy



Well let me start by saying I grew up hunting in north Louisiana with my grandfather and my dad .We hunted the timber and a duckpond my grandfather built and maintained .It was just out our back door no trucks no for Willers we just walked out the back door a few hundred yards from the house sat in a blind and that’s where I got my start duck hunting.

A few years back I hunted with Johnny Wink and Butch Gandy was my Guide . Since then I have became a part of the megabucks family along with my dog ( tiger) .

I have an opportunity is a young man in my 40s to hunt with three of the best duck Guides In North Louisiana .Johnny ,Mac and Butch And meeting people of all walks of life in a duck blind as a duck guide And getting the joy of seeing Little kids ,ladies ,fathers and sons and friends and best buddy’s All come together in a duck blind having a great time telling Stories hunting ducks and watching as the sun rises up on God’s beauty.

We here at megabucks get fired up About seeing our guest have a good time In the blind and at camp as a guide at Megabucks I feel it is my job to make sure my guest have the very best time possible !!!
I am an accomplished duck and Specklebelly Goose caller My dog Tiger is a Professionally trained big yellow lab with a lot of drive and loves picking up ducks and geese for our guest Together we make a great team so y’all come hunting.

James ( Marc ) Keedy II