Meet Mac McClung


Mac McClung



I am USAF retired and currently employed by Northeast Louisiana Technical college as a Professor of Industrial Electronics with 31 years of experience. I am also a native of North Louisiana with 52 years of duck hunting experience. I was reared in the Upper Ouachita area and started hunting flooded timber at age 10. Since childhood, I have always had and trained bird dogs and retrievers. There is nothing more satisfying to me than watching a good dog hunt and work.

I love watching mallards and woodies fall through the flooded timber, HECK, I was brought up hunting them that way, but the variety of ducks found in the Delta Area has always fascinated me.

I was a founding member of the UKC/HRC in Ruston, Louisiana and judged finished class Hunt Test for retrievers for over 12 years; I was President of the Ruston Retriever club for two terms, and a member of the Natiional Rules Committee for UKC/HRC. I have hunted all types of species of game birds, ducks, and geese in 15 states, enjoying the different types of hunting in all terrains, and in all types of weather.

I met Johnny over 30 years ago and I still remember the day he told several of us that he planned to duck hunt for a living. I don’t think any of us actually took him serious at that point. We had hunted together off and on over the years, lying on levees, lying in the mud amongst 300 rags and decoys and sitting in small 12 foot pits in the middle of flooded fields. It was always fun and we had a great time, but we were much younger then. When Johnny asks me to work for Megabucks as a guide, I kind of hesitated at first. He invited Butch Gandy and me over for a Spec hunt and we had a great shoot. Road the ATV up to the blind, unloaded our equipment, and stepped in for the hunt. I ask Johnny if this was the Super Deluxe Blind and he told me quickly, “NO! ALL OF MY BLINDS ARE LIKE THIS.” I took the job and never regretted it. Now, I look forward to my very near retirement and being able to hunt the entire season at Megabucks.

When a group of hunters shoot 30 ducks in a flooded field with 7 or 8 different species, throw in a goose or two, now that impresses me. If anyone wants to shoot some ducks and geese, have a great time and probably hear a tale or two about how it use to be, Megabucks is the place to come. We will do our best to make sure you get to do all of these.

Mac McClung, Meagabucks Guide Service