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Butch Gandy



When Wink started his guide service, full time, I remember asking him why he was choosing a profession that required working in the harshest of environments while having no influence on the game he sought unless they were within a quarter of mile of him “Why would you try to make your living in something that you had so little control over? Why don’t you stay at your REAL JOB” was the question I asked!!! Now, over 30 years later, I am still hunting with Wink and a fortunate to be associated with the best guide service in North Louisiana…and, it’s right in the Throat of the Mississippi Flyway!

I met Wink through the Hunting Retriever Club Organization (HRC) in 1982 and we’ve been friends since. I had hunted fields only a few times and when Wink invited me on a hunt so many, many years ago, I found out there was another facet of hunting that I needed to include each season. People with the same passion tend to seek each other and over the years I’ve watched and admired how Wink has grown his desire of hunting and sharing good hunts with his friends into the “Best There Is” in an area that is the “Best There Is”!

I am Butch Gandy and I have chased ducks in earnest for over 40 years. I grew up hunting the Ouachita River bottoms of Southern Arkansas and North Louisiana, however, I am blessed to have been able to hunt ducks and geese over most of the southern and central states in almost every imaginable scenario. I am so fortunate to have met fellow hunters and make many friends through the years while enjoying hunts with so many! I have been active in the Hunting Retriever Club (HRC) and served at various capacities within HRC including National President, National Vice-Resident as well as local Club President. I am an Honorary Lifetime Member in HRC and a member of the North Louisiana HRC Hall of Fame. I have trained two Hunting Retriever Champions, judged retriever events for 15 years and conducted numerous judging seminars.

There are very few things that bring as much enjoyment as hunting with friends, killing ducks and geese and watching a trained retriever work!

Two years ago Wink approached me with idea of “Coming Out of Retirement” and guiding for him again. I explained that I was just too old to do the drudgery of what entailed guiding in the fields and politely brushed the offer aside. However, Wink sweetened the offer and made it too good to ignore when he coaxed my long-time hunting friend, Mac McClung into guiding again! “Come hunt Specks with me and if you don’t like the way I’ve set things up in recent years, walk away and I’ll never ask you to guide again” was Wink’s comment. When I experienced the comfort of his newly-designed blinds and saw the ease of access, I was hooked! Plus, he had them in the best fields in the area!!! I quickly made the easy decision. I was in! Mac, that is finally retiring, is the full-time guide and I help on week-ends. Even though Wink could have his pick of just about any guide within three states, he has asked Mac and I to join with him again to make sure his guests enjoy some of the best duck and goose hunting in the nation! The only thing he requires me to do is to always wear a cap…he claims my white hair flairs too many ducks and geese. Whatever!

If you want to hunt, hunt hard, but have fun, come to Megabucks and let us show you a good time! Bring plenty of shells and plenty of laughter…you’ll need both!

Butch Gandy, Meagabucks Guide Service