Megabucks Duck Guides is tops in Northeast Louisiana

Posted on July 30, 2014 Categories:

I have hunted with Johnny numerous times over the past 30+ years at Megabucks and have always had a great time. Whether it was me and the guys or me and my sons, a good time and great comaradarie were had by all. Success often depends on weather patterns, but being in the middle of the flyway and having a knowledgeable and hard working guide like Johnny help to move the odds in your favor. The blinds are large and comfortable and the setup is first class. Geese are an added bonus and most days you will kill some geese along with your bag of ducks. Accomodations are comfortable with the hunters able to choose any of several different options after the hunt. The big screen tv, hot tub and rec room with the pool table are available for your use along with a big dose of Southern Hospitality. Will be back again this year just as sure as the North wind blows cool in December.