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Tuesday, October 21st, 2014
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Megabucks Louisiana Duck Guides takes hunting seriously! It's not a sport or hobby that we do on the weekends, it's a way of life. Johnny Wink has owned and operated Megabucks Louisiana Duck Guides since 1979. As an experienced guide, Johnny has amazed countless hunters dating back to his teenage years.

"When hunters come to Megabucks, not only will they be given our personal touch, they will learn about down-home Louisiana culture. People want to hear stories about the old days..."

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$300 Per Person, Daily

Check-In is anytime AFTER 3pm on the day before you hunt.

Duck Hunting time is from 30 minutes prior to sunrise until 11am.

View our newest Photos with Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty and Gary Stephenson. Photos are from 1987-1988 during the filming of The Duckman II and Duckman III prior to the hit Duck Dynasty.

Our 2012 - 2013 Season photos are also available as well.

Since 1979, Megabucks Louisiana Duck Guides has amazed duck and goose hunters with their unprecedented country hospitality. Because of our unique knack for treating hunters to an unforgettable hunt,, the outdoor industry's leading choice on the internet for waterfowl information, has selected Megabucks Louisiana Duck Guides to appear in their guide section.

Megabucks Louisiana Duck Guides contributes its success to staying small and making hunters feel at home during their visit. "We run no more than two groups a day, where bigger operations may run 10 to 15 a day."

Ninety-percent of guide services take people to public land tracts for hunting where they are competing with dozens of other hunters. At Megabucks Louisiana Duck Guides, we offer hunters more than 6,000 acres of private land holdings on which to hunt. That's about 1,400 acres of flooded rice fields for duck and over 5,000 acres of dry fields for geese.

When hunters use Megabucks Louisiana Duck Guides, not only will they receive our personal touch, they'll also learn about the down home Louisiana culture. "People want to know stories about the old days and they want to see good quality dog work."

We take pride in the fact that the majority of our clientele are repeat customers and some are even pro athletes looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of big city life. "My repeat customers don't want a lot of chaos. They just want to have a good time."

The Tall (and not so tall) Tales of Johnny "Megabucks" Wink

35 Years of Duck Guiding in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana

$25.00 (includes postage)

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